#astrologyhack – How I Cope with Black Moon Lilith and Processing Abuse

13509068_10154338751369791_7684489776203800657_nIn an uncontested surrender to a powerful Grand Water Trine in the skies as I type, I have decided to spend the most difficult hours in bed writing, doing psychic tarot readings and eating as much chocolate in between sips off black coffee brewed to make my eyes roll back inside my head. The Sun (4 Cancer), the Moon (4 Pisces) and Black Moon Lilith / the Mean Apogee (3 Scorpio). This Grand Trine boosts the flow of energy and feeds the natural intensity of each astrological body involved pushing buttons in my conscious, subconscious and a newly risen dark side that has emerged from the crypt of denial and flown on bat wings into the night.

Black Moon Lilith figures prominently in my decision making today. I have decided to forego a popular pirate event in my area in order to avoid a onetime friend who “felt me up” on a moving day because he felt that since I was a single woman again, that he was entitled to be next in line in my bed since we had been friends for years. After my rejection and repeated insistence that he “keep his hands off me” I dismissed him.  He then drove a friend, who he had known for just an hour, home and tried the same thing with her although since she is a very young looking 60 year old woman. I’m sure that his experience with her was very, very different.  She had no problem telling him to stop and he left without an apology,  just a severe “white privileged” sense of entitlement because he’s one of those Caucasian men that thinks that his fetish for women of color makes him liberal instead of just a disrespectful fetishist. Ultimately, he cautioned me that even if I told anyone about the incidents that no one would believe me or her since we lacked “credibility.” She and I are both psychics and women of color. So, I am assuming that he is confident that psychics who aren’t white have low enough credibility to suffer molestation from white men who still live at home with their parents.

When doing psychic or tarot readings for women of color I understand that we have an entirely different list of problems that our Caucasian sisters struggle through. We have stereotypes to overcome. Some men are attracted to us because they believe that we will take less and give more because of our position in society. Either that or they hope that we will be more willing to accept their abuse for a variety of reasons, first of all the status of being with a “white man.”  My advice to all my clients who are survivors of abuse is to remember that any abuse is not their fault. As soon as they are able to reclaim their sovereignty over their own bodies and deprogram themselves from the popular sublimated belief that pretty women should be punished for the advantage of beauty … then they can rebuild their lives on a foundation of strength and self esteem.

Bottom line: Sometimes there are things that your psychic will tell you simply and with gusto that your therapist won’t.

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