The Diary of A Twin Flame – A Season in Hell


Dear Diary,

I met my twin flame last spring and contrary to everything that I ever believed about the empowering invincibility of romantic love, that flame burns so bright and so true that it burned a path of destruction through my life that was more of a sacrificial funeral pyre instead of the hunk of burning love that I still long for.   Finding your true love after 30 is fraught with enough danger, but finding your flame after 50 demands that you unravel a lifetime of things that you have settled for in order to get what you want or in other words, you have to allow your life to “burn baby burn.”

Casualty number 1 was a soul mate relationship that had languished for 8 years as an engagement that thankfully was never made into a legal marriage.  Experiencing the rush of what love really was and should be had a galvanizing effect on me.  One morning I walked calmly into our living room and told my then fiancé that I was leaving him and he was so shocked that he spilled his coffee.  The year leading up to this declaration was colored by a year of foiled suicide attempts on his part as he repeatedly felt that he wasn’t “making it” as an actor here in the City of Angels.  Hence, what had been a Heaven for the first five years had become what I will always recall as a “Season in Hell.”

You see, he never planned on really go through with his suicide. In hindsight I realize that this was his way of controlling me through my love for him.  As my best girlfriends told me in a litany of reasons why I needed to leave him anyway, threats of suicide in order to get attention is really emotional abuse. And I put up with that and much more because I believed that I had to “settle” for security. Meeting my twin flame changed all that. Even though we are in two different states and our relationship is complicated to the extent that I can’t reveal much more than our three sentence mantra but it grounds where we are at right now, which is honest.

  1. We love each other.
  2. We are trying to make it work.
  3. We are STUPID.

In readings meeting my twin flame has given me compassion and a unique understanding of what other TWINS are going through.


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