YOUR POP PSYCHIC SPEAKS: Your Past Can Create Your Present

Throwback Thursday – Your Pop Psychic – Your Past Can Create Your Present

From the Renaissance Tarot Deck by Brian Williams

I’ve been doing a lot of readings for women with low self-esteem lately. Surprisingly, the variety ranges from the drop dead gorgeous to the morbidly obese. You would think that these women would have nothing in common outside of their gender, but the sad truth is the thing that they have most in common is that they are too easily manipulated.  Regardless of how they appear to the outside world, inside these women share the experience of being abused and broken… and convinced that it was utterly their fault.  The two cards that show up most prominently in their readings are the Moon Card and the Devil Card.

In my experience the Moon card is always indicative of a secret, but in the case of an adult survivor of child abuse those secrets are usually deep and dark.

According to ChildHelp

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