Avoiding Energy Entrapment: Don’t send it back … just let it go …

In the days following the Full Moon Eclipse in the Blood Moon I feel energetically cleaner and clearer than I’ve been in quite some time. During this rare astrological event I chose to free myself from a severely co-dependent relationship that was draining my energy on so many levels. As a result many of my friends have noticed that my sparkle has returned and my light is no longer dimmed. During this process many have suggested that I send the energy back. But what I have discovered is that “sending it back” only perpetuates a cycle that can evolve into all out magickal warfare. My personal choice is to simply let go and move on … because I would rather devote my energies towards building and maintaining a better reality for myself … vs … using that same energy to constantly protect myself from my enemies.

woman stands on mountain over field under cloudy sky at sunrise
Photo by Victor Freitas on Pexels.com

I do regular shielding and cleansing. But the last thing I desire is to have to spend even more energy on magickal combat.

  1. I don’t feel the need to “prove’ myself to anyone or any thing.
  2. This phase of my life is more for bringing my hard earned achievements to fruition and completion.
  3. Knowing that energy follows attention, I am consciously choosing to invest my attention and intentions on creation and preservation instead of destruction.
  4. I have consciously been choosing over and over again to avoid unnecessary conflict and drama because that energy can keep anyone and everyone trapped. It is the type of energy that creates stagnation.
  5. Today and every day I choose MYSELF first and foremost … and that’s not motivated by ego … it is motivated by self-preservation … because in a human body one can only give and “feed” so much … before becoming depleted.

So, before lighting that “Return to Sender” candle or launching that spell, realize that you are giving attention to someone or something that you don’t want to be connected to. That creates karma. In my experience releasing that karma by “untying” vs. “cutting” the cords allows you the choice to be truly free. Keeping that energy out of sight and out of mind is far better than constantly waiting for them to “get their comeuppance.” Revenge or the thirst for revenge is another “karma trap.” Instead, I’ve chosen to skip the karmic exchange altogether and believe me … I’m free. And true freedom has given me the peace and happiness that I desire above all else.

Until next time … Namaste.

Marie Bargas – marieismagick@gmail.com

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