Dreams: Are they just clutter from your subconscious or are they something more?


The typical dream is the outcrop of your subconscious processing data. Your subconscious is the hard drive in which your thoughts and feelings are processed and sorted. The occasional stray bits of data combine in patterns which you experience as a dream.

The prophetic dream occurs when those patterns are no longer random, but arranged to give you a message. This may become a recurring dream to give you time to figure it out.

There are some people who are gifted psychics, telepaths and/or witches, who know how to invade your dreams and influence your subconscious. Essentially, some “spells” are just the result of influencing your subconscious.

I invite you to sort out what sort of dreams you are having, interpret what they mean, and choose what you want to do with that information.

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