The Simple Science of Removing a Jar Spell


What is in a Jar Spell?

A traditional jar spell requires prayers along with a list of ingredients that include herbs, stones, inanimate objects and “personal concerns”  such as: blood, urine, hair, semen, vaginal discharge, fingernails, skin, etc… ( things that carry DNA).

How can you break it?

Aside from the traditional methods of breaking a jar spell, a new method is simply changing the composition of your personal concerns. Since your personal concerns identify you, then changing their chemical composition breaks that connection. Think of it as changing one letter or number on your passwords. That change can make it impossible for a curse to ‘log in’.

How can you change you personal chemical composition safely?


Very simply, increase or decrease a vitamin in your diet. Examine your diet and find a substance that you can increase to your benefit. In my case I have increased my Vitamin D intake by taking sublingual drops. Studies show that more than 40% of Americans are deficient.

How can you maintain your level of safety?

Never allow anyone access to your personal concerns! Empty your garbage regularly. Be careful of where you dispose of empty cups or cigarette butts. Be careful of where you dispose of tampons or used condoms. Be careful at the beauty shop where strangers can obtain samples of your hair and nails.

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