Payshence, Pine and the Paranormal

Since I began consulting for Phil and Julia Siracusa, owners of “The Horsefly Chronicles,” a highly active demonic haunting case in Pennsylvania, I’ve had the privilege of meeting some very talented paranormal researchers and investigators.  They brought me into


a subculture wherein ordinary people deal with extraorodinary circumstances without magick. This is new for me because I come from the “Witch” subculture in which grounding and shielding are the first things that you learn before working with supernatural forces. What I discovered is that some paranormal people actually take the tv series “Supernatural” as gospel and that gets them into a lot of trouble … because the tv show is fantasy but supernatural entities like ghosts, demons, elementals, etc … are real and they can be harmful.  Lately, many of these paranormal people have reached out to me, a witch, to find out what they can do to protect themselves from illness, entity attachments and curses.  So today, I’d like to talk about the many uses of pine and it’s by products for protection and for cleansing.

18619910_1484866468224669_3375251243802901155_nMy friend Rev Payshence Smith actually taught both me and Julia Siracusa about the Hoodoo protective uses of pine when we guest starred on her radio show.

Magickal History: (Excerpt from Shadow Magick Place Blog)

spruce-1738006_640Pine needles, cones, bark and even sawdust are prominently used in magick. Pine has cleansing, protective, healing , exorcism, money drawing properties, and is sometimes,  due to  it’s cones and fact that is evergreen, associated with fertility and longevity.

It’s use in Hoodoo might have been imported either from the Indian ( Native American ) prominent use of pine as spiritual cleanser, or from European Herbalism.

Pine cone was  the symbol originally present  on top of  Hermes’ caduceus  , and the large Pine cone  is can be seen in Vatican , in Cortille Belvedere [1] Pine cones also symbolize fertility, abundance and protection. According to old European lore, eating one pine seed per day, from Pine  cone collected at Midsummer would ensure  immunity to fire weapons,  immortality or at least longevity.   If You wish to dispose of some old cone used in magick, You can burn it, and plant the seeds J

Branches of pine were used to clean the house and doorsteps, physically and spiritually the same time.  Crosses were sometimes fashioned out of these and hung  around the house for protection.  They were hung  above   beds  of s the ick, or placed bellow  them, to speed up the healing process ,  or contain epidemics.

Practical Uses of Pine for Protection:

041294402361Since I appeared on Payshence show I have followed her advice and used Pine Sol to clean all most every single floor and surface in my house, especially after during spell work and during those times when I feel that I may be vulnerable to magickal attack.

In a pinch I have recommended that people add a capful of Pine Sol to their bath water for a potent spiritual bath.

I regulary bathe with Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap. I shower every morning with it before I do readings and spells and I occasionally shower with it before I go to bed.815JPR67M6L._SY450_

Before I do spell work, especially if I am doing a spirit removal, I put a drop of pine essential oil on each of my chakras.

I put a drop of pine essential oil on all of my window sills and all of my doors once a week when I clean.

On Payshence’ advice I have a jar of “Tar Water” on hand touse when I need to close a portal or close someone aura against spiritual attack. I don’t use it i n my own altar space because it will keep out good spirits as well … but I would recommend it’s use for closing portals and for managing difficult hauntings.

pine-forest-1504687_640Whenever I can I walk in pine forests in nature. Putting you back up against the trunk of a pine tree and meditating will cleanse and heal your aura, especially after a challenging healing or a chaotic paranormal investigation.

Stay tuned for these and more tips on insights my newly found paranormal peeps!

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