Ooops! That Free Reading Just Cost You Your Soul

Last night I was chatting on a Paranormal Facebook Group when I joined a thread about a man who was being haunted by two spirits. The first one he described as an adorable little Chinese girl and the other he claimed was a dark spirit. Many people including several psychics chimed in with their own opinions about what they thought the dark spirit was. Instead, I simply asked him the questions that I would on any routine investigation … until … he said he was sure that it was Satanic. At that moment I backed off so fast that I made his head spin. And he was stunned because so many others were trying to strut their stuff. I was the only one who was NOT interested.


First of all, I got the impression that he may be a kid trying to play a game. Telling a story about being haunted by a Satanic spirit is classic horror movie fodder. Most people outside of the Occult Community can’t differentiate between a ghost, a demon, an elemental, etc … but they all watch tv, so “demon” seems to be the default answer. But I had an odd gut feeling about this guy that told me to back off and draw a line. If he was playing a game no matter what I said, he would turn around and call me fake and most likely try to get me back to Jesus. Or, if he were telling the truth, my guides and spirits weren’t having any of it because he wanted it all done for free! Believe me, dealing with a real Satanic spirit and/or demon is no small feat. And, asking for a freebie is beyond presumptuous because of the cost and the danger.

Most paranormal researchers will never deal with a real demon, but that’s a good thing because fighting demons is often a fatal endeavor. My own teacher, who was a renowned exorcist, died of a brain tumor. On his death bed he made me promise never to become an exorcist because it was a dangerous occupation. Until then I thought that it might be something thrilling to do, but as I watched him waste away from an inoperable cancer, I saw that the cost of an exorcism to the life and limb of an exorcist was just too high. This is why I believe that most investigators think that they are fighting demons when they aren’t. From my own personal experience real demons kill.


After he told me that it was a Satanic spirit several other psychics came on board and one said that it was actually the ghost of an ancestor. At that point I had shut myself off completely because I wanted none of it. But I was curious so I read on to see what other people had to say. One free psychic blathered about how she could definitely help him. She sounded desperate for validation. Lots of these free psychics are desperate for validation even though some are actually psychic, but terribly insecure or they feel guilty about taking money. I pity the ones that think that this is the best that they can do. Literally, begging for crumbs when we were once thought of as “Messengers of the Gods” is painful to watch.

In contrast I don’t feel insecure about my ability all. In fact I have to shield myself because I can become too sensitive. I have shields, but I’m told my energy can be an intoxicating ambrosia. It’s great when I’m reading for clients, but it can be addicting for both humans and non-human entities. What I do is real and because it’s real it can be extremely dangerous. Anyone who doesn’t understand that has no idea that there is a huge difference between the fake occult that we seen in our favorite tv shows and movies vs. the real occult which includes non-human intelligent creatures that feed on our life energy as if we (humans) were the buffets at Home Town or Golden Corral.

So, I suggested that he visit some of the free reading sites on Facebook in order to see if any of those psychics could confirm his beliefs and/or heal the situation. I look at it this way, if he’s playing a game and lying there will be no harm done. And, if he is in fact telling the truth, it may show to these free psychics once and for all why many of us charge for our services. Doing a reading on a real demon puts a psychic at risk of being “attached” and fed upon. I know how to sever these attachments and shield, but honestly at this stage I’d rather not have to go through the trouble. I don’t even want to think about what could happen to a psychic whose best resource is Google. Oh … Google doesn’t have all the answers.


Demonology is a highly specialized and dangerous field. These poor self-taught people who think that reading the Necromonicon and watching Supernatural is going to prepare them to face a 5,000 year old demon/djinn with a bunch of equipment they bought off eBay, salt and Holy Water are often badly damaged physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually because their “hobby” is about as dangerous as making bombs in your bathtub in the dark. Ultimately, they either pay thousands to a legit exorcist, or end up on the Vatican’s waiting list for exorcisms, or worse yet, in mental institutions.


When a Love Spell Backfires …

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As we approach Valentine’s Day many of you are thinking of casting love spells without any training in magick because those cute little spells you’ve found online look so harmless and fun. Instead, what you’re asking for could be the worst experience in your life so far. Let me tell you from experience, when a love spell backfires it’s like an explosion because the energies of Love are magnetic and potent. So rather than bore you with a discussion of Occult philosophy, I’ll break it down to a few simple rules.

  1. Any spell is subject to the laws of Karma. That’s right kids. For every action there is a reaction and sometimes you don’t get the reaction that you were hoping for ESPECIALLY if what you are trying to manifest is against someone’s FREE WILL. Timberlake expressed it best when he sang, “What goes around comes around… “


Whenever I work with ‘Love’ these days I prefer to do ‘Attraction’ Spells where potential partners have a choice. It’s less invasive and incurs far less karmic debt. Think about it … are you willing to interfere with any potential future relationships just because this time you are yearning for someone specific?

So, before you decide to take the powers of Nature into your own hands, think very carefully about what you are doing.



One of the worst things that anyone can do is put the blame on you for something that they have done to themselves … especially is you are both in the magickal community. I often talk about KARMA and this is one of those situations in which someone can literally entangle you in their karma for Goddess knows how long. It’s a narcissistic tactic that uses your visibility to reflect the presence of someone else who could be otherwise unknown … UNLESS … they are reflected in your light.

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I’ll give you a recent example: the most visible victims/survivors of abuse right now are the victims of R. Kelly because of the recent documentary. Second place goes to the victims of Michael Jackson who are starring in a popular documentary on the hidden life of the King of Pop right now at Sundance. They are no ordinary victims. They are victims whose survival has put them in the spotlight for good or bad. Being victimized by a “star” raises their level of visibility.

Consider this, in ordinary life sometimes false accusations are made to leverage your popularity and bring the fake victims to the attention of whoever it is in interested in YOU. For every legitimate victim there are always fake victims who seek to join the bandwagon of attention.  If you are the target of false accusations remember that this could be the reason why you have been single out.  So, how does one break the cycle of the “Blame Gamers?”

One way is to simply not allow yourself to be bothered. While this works most of the time, if you are being slandered as part of a concerted effort to destroy you, your reputation and all that includes, then investigate filing a slander/libel lawsuit. Short of that block and delete regularly on all your social media outlets. This is a new type of self care that has been necessitated by the internet.

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Throughout my life I have been admired and reviled … because of my looks. I have suffered and triumphed because of the ego gratification my attention or lack thereof … has given and/or taken away. I have had admirers and stalkers. I have been chastised with the phrase “The Goddess abhors vanity!” because my self love and self esteem were misinterpreted by a woman who in hindsight objectified me as much or even more than any man. I know that I am so much more than my face and body. In fact I long to touch people deeply with my words. But … once they see me … hear my voice … I am in danger of becoming an object and my words mean far less because for some … pretty women are supposed to be stupid and superficial.


I was molested by a man I believed to be a friend who felt entitled to my body because he was supportive during a bad break-up. I have been disappointed to discover that a former friend spent more time masturbating to my photograph than he did understanding me as a person, a flawed human being, seeking to evolve and thrive.

I have even had women friends who believed that I was self-centered and narcissistic despite the time and emotion I gave to them because they envied my looks. And most recently an old friend transformed into a drug addicted stalker who was triggered by the very sight of me to the extent that she got thrown out of a local FBI field office because she was convinced that I was a terrorist working for the Illuminati.


marieheadshotToday many of my clients are beautiful women with the same experiences who have been both celebrated and punished for their external beauty by people who cannot see past the surface to the fragile, inwardly beautiful landscapes that populate the human soul. Over and over again … I see the same painful pattern emerge and it breaks my heart. Women … all women … have hearts and souls. We all desire love and sadly many of us settle for the counterfeits to fill up the empty spaces. And time, age and the fading of  beauty, that double edged sword that fills our hearts and cuts them in half, looms on the horizon like a prophecy of doom.

Moving forward, I am very, very cautious about any new people coming into my life. I look for some sort of intellectual connection before I make a friend. Energy connections are more potent but sometimes more damaging. There are those people who “feed” off of life force and to them I am not a person … but an addiction. And no matter how much they make themselves believe that they “love” me, I am punished by them for withdrawing my light. Oh darling … I’ve had quite enough.

My beauty is a gift from the Goddess. It is not meant to make me an ornament, a toy, or a dildo. I am a manifestation of Her creativity, but I am NOT an inanimate work of art. Her true artistry is in the depth and complexity of all that I am and all that I have ever been and will be … I am NOT an inanimate object to Her.



Avoiding Energy Entrapment: Don’t send it back … just let it go …

In the days following the Full Moon Eclipse in the Blood Moon I feel energetically cleaner and clearer than I’ve been in quite some time. During this rare astrological event I chose to free myself from a severely co-dependent relationship that was draining my energy on so many levels. As a result many of my friends have noticed that my sparkle has returned and my light is no longer dimmed. During this process many have suggested that I send the energy back. But what I have discovered is that “sending it back” only perpetuates a cycle that can evolve into all out magickal warfare. My personal choice is to simply let go and move on … because I would rather devote my energies towards building and maintaining a better reality for myself … vs … using that same energy to constantly protect myself from my enemies.

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I do regular shielding and cleansing. But the last thing I desire is to have to spend even more energy on magickal combat.

  1. I don’t feel the need to “prove’ myself to anyone or any thing.
  2. This phase of my life is more for bringing my hard earned achievements to fruition and completion.
  3. Knowing that energy follows attention, I am consciously choosing to invest my attention and intentions on creation and preservation instead of destruction.
  4. I have consciously been choosing over and over again to avoid unnecessary conflict and drama because that energy can keep anyone and everyone trapped. It is the type of energy that creates stagnation.
  5. Today and every day I choose MYSELF first and foremost … and that’s not motivated by ego … it is motivated by self-preservation … because in a human body one can only give and “feed” so much … before becoming depleted.

So, before lighting that “Return to Sender” candle or launching that spell, realize that you are giving attention to someone or something that you don’t want to be connected to. That creates karma. In my experience releasing that karma by “untying” vs. “cutting” the cords allows you the choice to be truly free. Keeping that energy out of sight and out of mind is far better than constantly waiting for them to “get their comeuppance.” Revenge or the thirst for revenge is another “karma trap.” Instead, I’ve chosen to skip the karmic exchange altogether and believe me … I’m free. And true freedom has given me the peace and happiness that I desire above all else.

Until next time … Namaste.

Marie Bargas –

Psychic Summer of Love – National Rosé Day: 24 Celeb-Approved Pink Cocktails, Spritzers & More To Sip — Hollywood Life

Who doesn’t love to drink a little pink!? Well, with the warm weather, it’s officially rosé season and we’re celebrating National Rosé Day with these delicious wines and cocktails, approved by some of your favorite celebs!

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Psychic Summer of Love 2018

HeaderAccording to the Ancient Greeks there were 8 types of love.  And today, most of my clients call incessantly about romance, marriage and divorce. But looking back in history, it’s clear that many cultures subscribe to many different types of love, loving and love relationships.  Love is foremost in the hearts and minds of many. There have been songs written about it, books based entirely on romance and movies that tell the same archetypal love stories over and over again. The Beatles sang, “All you need is Love!” and while that may not be true…  to many is sure feels like it. So, this Summer my focus is going to be on telling my audience my own stories of love told through the eyes of a celebrity psychic. So, come into my world and let’s celebrate a “Psychic Summer of Love.”

The Beatles sang “All You Need Is Love” in the first live global telecast and the world responded. But what kind of love?

This Summer I am covering the 8 types of love according to the Ancient Greeks juxtaposed with a modern take on the emotion, how each form of love applies to the modern world and incorporating Love Magick, Love Spells with a dash of psychic sensibility … because I’m down with Lenny Kravitz … “You’ve Got to Let Love Rule!”

The 8 Types of Love

  • “Eros” or Erotic Love. The first kind of love is Eros, which is named after the Greek god of love and fertility. …
  • “Philia” or Affectionate Love. …
  • “Storge” or Familiar Love. …
  • “Ludus” or Playful Love. …
  • “Mania” or Obsessive Love. …
  • “Pragma” or Enduring Love. …
  • “Philautia” or Self Love. …
  • “Agape” or Selfless Love.

If you would like to schedule a reading via Phone, Skype or Zoom then please join me in celebrating the Psychic Summer of Love with an offer of $30.00 for a FIRST TIME ONLY 30 minute reading, (regularly $80.00) so we can see if we’re a good fit. You need someone that you can talk to openly about your concerns who isn’t going to judge, but help. Love can make anyone crazy. So, in the best case scenario I’d like to be your psychic bestie, who will listen without prejudice, make you laugh when you want to cry and give you a little magickal assistance to pave the way to your heart’s desire.

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